About us

Who We Are

medium_ProfilePicture.jpg Serving eastern and central Ontario, EcoEdge Design Ltd. was founded in 2006 by Douglas Barnes [on LinkedIn]. Douglas is a permaculture designer, consultant and teacher. He has designed and implemented permaculture systems in India, Japan, and Canada as well as consulted on projects in Japan, Canada, and Australia. He has taught permaculture seminars in Japan and Canada. He has also taught permaculture design courses as part of the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario.

Douglas holds two Permaculture Design Course certificates: one taught by Geoff and Danial Lawton in Brisbane, Australia in 2004, and one taught by Geoff Lawton and permaculture founder Bill Mollison in Melbourne the following year. Douglas has been active in permaculture since 2004 and has been an educator for over 25 years.

What We Do

We design and assist implementing water-harvesting earthworks, which are designed to catch more of the rain and snow that falls on your land. Our earthworks capture and store water, as well as redirect it to hydrate dry areas better, and help prevent ponds and dams from drying out.

How We Do It

To do our work, we visit your site for an interview, then assess the land in order to draw up a plan. Plans typically call for water-harvesting earthworks, but can also include establishing windbreaks, tree planting, and livestock management approaches to assist in making land more drought resistant. Alternately, we can run a design workshop on your land, reducing costs by allowing students to use your site as a learning site. We also can assist in implementing the plan on your land. Results start as soon as the rain falls.

Douglas has an extensive teaching and speaking background, and is available for courses and speaking engagements on sustainable design.

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